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Christina - trainer at Pines Learning


Employment & Pathways Trainer

What does a normal day entail?

There is a group of 12 learners all of whom have intellectual disability. The group has a varied range of abilities and experiences. Most of the students can work (at either paid or voluntary work) in the wider community. The session will generally consist of discussing topics relevant to these learners and encouraging the growth of employability skills through group discussion, worksheets which can encompass the various needs and abilities in the group and activities designed to encourage self-confidence and critical thinking.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that the students are so perceptive, thoughtful and supportive towards each other. There is a sense of community in this group which makes planning for lessons very positive.

What do you love doing outside of work?

Reading gardening and sewing.

What were you going to be ‘when you grew up’?

A writer.

What is a totally different job that you would like to try?

Growing and preparing food for others.

What have you studied?

  • Economics
  • Japanese
  • Delivering training (Cert IV)