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Adult Learners Week 2019 – Souleika’s Story

Souleika shares her story. ” I started here in June 2018. I wanted to learn English because I needed to fill out important medical forms. My son googled and found Pines Learning for me. I really enjoy the class because I am getting better at reading and writing in English and I have made many […]

Adult Learners Week 2019 – Patricia’s Story

“I have always dreamed of pursuing a career in aged care.  Though I became busy with family commitments, I never gave up on my dream.  I have beautiful and unforgettable memories of looking after my late mother, godfather and parents-in-law when they had severe illnesses.  These precious experiences made me realise how much elderly people […]

Adult Learners Week 2019 – Michela’s Story

 “I arrived in Australia 9 months ago and I have never studied English before, that’s why in the beginning it has been very hard for me to be completely surrounded by people who couldn’t understand me and with whom I couldn’t speak. I have been really happy to follow English lessons in this community Centre […]

Adult Learners Week 2019 – Rokaya’s Story

“My name is Rokaya. I am a student at Pines Learning Centre. I have had anxiety and depression for a long time and during the night I cannot sleep well because my mind is too busy with some things in the past and that makes me sick. That’s why I couldn’t wake up every morning […]

Adult Learners Week – Hoey Chin Toon’s Story

I have just started my English class at Pines Learning and so far it has been a very exciting experience. I feel the class is very interesting and the teacher, very knowledgeable. I learn new words and grammar very lesson. Besides that, I learn current events that are happening in Australia. My teacher is very […]

Adult Learners Week – Joanne’s Story

“ Hi my name is Joanne.  I am a mother of two children.  Two years ago, I did a Certificate III in Children’s Services at Pines Learning.  I learnt a lot from the course including knowledge of looking after my own kids and I got a job before I got my certificate because they knew […]

Adult Learners Week – Angela’s Story

“When I first came to Australia I studied a half year immigrants’ English course. That was very good. I became more confident and independent. The second time I came back to Australia and settled down, I hadn’t spoken English for a long time. A friend suggested Pines Learning Centre. I joined a basic English class […]

Adult Learners Week 2018 – Dan tells her story

The following story is  from Dan who is enrolled in our EAL program area. “ I haven’t had a job for a few years, being a full-time mother makes me feel very discouraged and lacking in confidence. When I come to Pines Learning, I see a happy learning environment. When I hold my pen to […]

Adult Learners’ Week 2018 – Emma tells her story

This story is from Emma, who studied Business Administration Skills at Pines Learning.  Emma discusses the many varied career choices she has made over the course of her life, and refers to learning and education as being “not a filling of the pail but the lighting of a fire.” Emma goes on to say, “Finding […]

Adult Learner Week 2018 – Penny tells her story

Penny is a very hard working student studying Computers for Beginners, MYOB and English! Penny writes; “ Since I came to Australia, I didn’t understand everything in English. I didn’t find a job. Then I thought – English is very important for my life. Then I started my learning.I wanted to do some Australia style […]