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Why we find ourselves resenting lockdown and what to do about it

The word ‘lockdown’ creates imagery of confinement; of being held down or bound.

When we have been accustomed to having a certain level of personal space and freedom of movement we can feel resistance and irritation when asked to make adjustments. Our custom has developed into a sense of entitlement.

As we understand through the philosophy of Yoga, feelings or emotions are really just responses to thoughts or beliefs. If we have a belief in some entitlement it would seem natural to resent its restriction or loss. This leads us to examine whether our entitlements are real and realistic.

Let’s look at the evolution of one modern expectation; access to the internet. It was in the not-to-distant past that we were listening to the trilling and beeping of ‘dial-up’ modems with happy expectation of connecting to the world via our bulky computer monitors. In this decade we can usually connect swiftly, effortlessly and comprehensively to the internet and utilise all manner of audiovisual devices to interact. What a wonder! And yet we whinge about ‘lag’, roll our eyes, sigh and drum our fingers at any minor delay.

We have come to believe in a right not to suffer any inconvenience. I have used these terms advisedly. How great is our ‘suffering’? When we stop to analyse whether our reactions are proportionate to the perceived problem not only do our thoughts and feelings become more considered but we become more considerate.

If we shifted our view to one of assuming no rights or entitlements all of a sudden everything becomes a great gift. We replace the bitter taste of resentment with the delight of gratitude. Which is the more desirable feeling? Which feeling leads to a more positive experience?

We can change our experience when we remember that we have the capacity to change our beliefs and therefore our emotional state. All we need is the will to do so.