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We are opening on 8 November! We cant wait to see you.

28 October 2021

Dear Students

We are delighted to advise that from Monday 8 November, 2021 our Centre will be open for face to face classes subject to the following State Government directive:
All staff, students and visitors aged 16 and over must show their COVID-19 vaccination certificate or proof of medical exemption. This requirement is an ongoing condition of entry each time staff, students and visitors attend the Centre.

We will have COVID-19 Marshalls checking vaccination certificates/exemptions each time you attend classes.

The quickest and easiest way to show proof of vaccination is by presenting:

  • your COVID-19 digital certificate on the Service Victoria App
  •  a printed copy of your COVID-19 digital certificate together with photo ID
  •  a printed copy of your immunisation history statement together with photo ID
  • your Medical exemption together with photo identification
  • a copy of your COVID-19 digital certificate saved to your SMART phone

If you need help, step by step instructions are available at:


If you are not vaccinated or medically exempt, please contact your Coordinator to discuss.
As Pines Learning slowly returns to COVID normal, we will remain cautious and proactive to ensure we are prioritising your health and safety. In addition to double vaccination for all on site, our COVID Safe Plan includes a wide range of measures including:

  • Compulsory QR code/registration on entry.
  • Compulsory correct wearing of face masks as well as signs on doors indicating this requirement.
  • Disposable masks are available for staff and students who require one.
  • Hand sanitiser stations at the entrance to the Centre and hand sanitiser available in all classrooms.
  • All toilets have posters on how to wash hands correctly to minimise spread of infection. External hallway doors are open to increase air circulation.he air conditioning units are set to ensure fresh air is circulating in each room.
  • The air conditioning units are set to ensure fresh air is circulating in each room.
  • Each classroom has a stand-alone commercial air purifying unit.
  • Frequent staggered breaks to ensure students are able to leave the room to access fresh air and allow for airing of classrooms.
  • Adherence to density requirements for office staff and Community Programs.
  • Cleaning and sanitising each evening (in addition to usual cleaning) with particular attention to high touch surfaces.
  • During the day each trainer is responsible for sanitising high touch areas in the classrooms at the start and end of their class.
  • If a positive case is identified as having attended the Centre, Pines Learning would notify all those who have attended at that time, notify Council, close the PL area to have it professionally deep cleaned and follow directives from DHHS.

We hope you will be reassured by these measures and ask for your support as we navigate our way through implementation. We look forward to seeing you back on site from 8 November.


The Pines Learning Team