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Pines Learning offers Reconnect Program

Pines Learning is a provider of the Victorian Government’s Reconnect program. The Reconnect program provides one-on-one case work support to disengaged and disadvantaged people by providing supported pathways to improve education and employment outcomes.

Striving To Create Equity for All Victorians

The Reconnect program assists participants to overcome the barriers preventing them from engaging in education and training and provides support into further study or employment pathways.

 What can the program do for you?

You will be supported, encouraged and guided to reach for your training and career aspirations.

The funding provided may incorporate brokerage to improve access to education, training and employment for the program participants. This could include costs associated with:

  • Course fees, materials, equipment
  • Travel costs
  • Non- government funded healthcare
  • Non-government funded training
  • Other related expenses

Wrap-Around Supports

As well as training and education supports, the program may identify and provide linkages to services and supports including but not limited to:

  • Counselling and mentoring support and coordination, supervision and monitoring of student services delivered by other specialist agencies;
  • Housing and accommodation services referral;
  • Drug and alcohol addiction counselling referral;
  • Delivery of capacity building, foundation skills and employability programs that focus on the participants’ capacity to undertake further formal training and boost confidence, motivation and resilience;
  • Careers information, planning and advice.

Participant Eligibility

Reconnect 2021 has been designed to improve access to Vocational Education and Training (VET) and employment for all Victorians by improving the programs responsiveness to both those impacted by systemic disadvantage, including the youth justice system, corrections, out-of-home-care, seeking asylum, and those experiencing disadvantage resulting from emerging economic and social challenges that may include a natural disaster, a pandemic, and evolving industry needs.

To be eligible for the Reconnect 2021 program participants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Young People Aged 17 – 19 years and not engaged in education or training for six months or more (not engaged is defined as studying or working less than 8 hours per week).
  • Mature people Aged between 20-64 and unemployed for six months or more (working less than 8 hours per week) and not engaged in education or training for six months or more (studying less than 8 hours per week).
  • Young People Impacted by the Justice System: Aged 17 – 24 years who have been, or are currently on, Youth Justice Orders.
  • Asylum Seekers Aged 17-64 A person without citizenship but holds a valid Bridging Visa Class E (BVE); or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV); or Temporary Protection Visa (TPV).

Participants in the Pines Learning Reconnect program must reside or undertake activities within the Manningham and/or Whittlesea municipalities.

Exemptions from the eligibility criteria will be considered on case by case basis