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Stage 4 COVID-19 Shut down

All of us at Pines Learning hope that you, our valued students, are staying safe during this very challenging period. As a result of the recent government restrictions in Melbourne, to play our part in reducing risk to our students, staff and the community, our office will close at 4pm Wednesday 5 August until further […]

The practice of Ahimsa

There are said to be eight ‘limbs’ or guidelines in the practice of yoga. The first of these is the Yamas or restraints of which there are five.  These are the outer observances; the ethics and morals by which a yogi lives. Of these, the first is Ahimsa. Ahimsa means non- killing or non-violence in […]

Links for FREE TERM 3 ZOOM fitness classes at Pines Learning

Join and enjoy our FREE ZOOM classes. If you are new to Pines Learning, stay connected to receive updates of our latest courses, special offers and events please subscribe below. Monday 9.30am – PILATES with Dee 10.30am – SPSY with Bree 11.00am – TAI CHI with Sara Tuesday 9.15am – STRENGTH TRAINING with Bree 9.30am […]

The Welcome Silence.

At this time of isolation some people may confuse silence with loneliness. There are those who have the radio or television on all day ‘just for company’ which can be a way of feeling connected. To be constantly bombarded with information, however, asks a great deal of the mind. Knowledge and mental entertainment should wisely […]

Dealing with Change

The reason we sometimes struggle with change is due to the sense of insecurity it brings about. People are often comforted by the familiar. In Yoga we learn to keep the mind in the present and not to dwell in the past. This also means not allowing the mind to jump forward. Of course, sometimes […]

Why we find ourselves resenting lockdown and what to do about it

The word ‘lockdown’ creates imagery of confinement; of being held down or bound. When we have been accustomed to having a certain level of personal space and freedom of movement we can feel resistance and irritation when asked to make adjustments. Our custom has developed into a sense of entitlement. As we understand through the […]

Being together: Supporting one another when in close quarters

Whilst we’re in ‘lockdown’ and sharing close quarters with our children and partners the phrase ‘nearest and dearest’ comes to mind. Being so near can mean we can forget that they are dear. ‘We’re all in this together’ has been used ad infinitum and, as these sayings do, it has lost its impact. Perhaps we […]

The ‘tyranny of language’

Forget the ‘tyranny of distance’, what about the ‘tyranny of language’? We all know that the way we use our language has a great impact on how we feel emotionally. Many of us are currently experiencing ‘remote learning’. What difference would it make if we replaced that term with ‘flexible learning’? The word ‘remote’ makes […]