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Improve your digital literacy skills, knowledge and confidence to manage the requirements of everyday life. These courses are a pathway to work and further study.

Computers for Beginners – Level 1

Learn the basics of how to use a personal computer in eight, step by step, gentle-paced lessons.Your trainer will teach your how to use Windows 10 and MS Office 365 to manage files and folders, master the basics of word processing using MS Word, send, receive and organise emails using MS Outlook...

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Computers for Beginners – Level 2

This gentle-paced course builds on the skills and confidence acquired in the Computer for Beginners Level 1 course at Pines Learning.Using Windows 10 and MS Office Word 365, Excel and Outlook you will create and edit text documents, send, receive and manage emails with attachments and gain a bas...

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MS Word

Do you want to gain confidence using MicrosoftÂ’s most versatile program Word?In four lessons learn how to: create, save, close and open documents, enter, edit and format text, use paragraph styles, insert headers and footers, Spellcheck, find and replace text and import images and objects.This...

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