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Adult Learners Week – Angela’s Story

I first came to Australia I studied a half year immigrants’ English course.
That was very good. I became more confident and independent. The second time I
came back to Australia and settled down, I hadn’t spoken English for a long
time. A friend suggested Pines Learning Centre. I joined a basic English class
and after a few years I moved to a high level class. The first year in this
class I worried my English is not good enough. I gave myself a lot of pressure,
even wanting to give up! My family encouraged and supported me, then I changed
my mind . I enjoy the learning, every week I learn one or two things and I have
a lot of knowledge now. Because of this challenging course I have made a lot of
friends and share in their sadness and happiness. Keep learning – never say
I’ll do later. Enjoy the learning, just do it, you can make it!”