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Adult Learners Week 2019 – Rokaya’s Story

“My name is Rokaya. I am a student at Pines Learning Centre. I have had anxiety and depression for a long time and during the night I cannot sleep well because my mind is too busy with some things in the past and that makes me sick. That’s why I couldn’t wake up every morning as I haven’t slept well during the night.
A friend suggested I return to study and make myself busy and that’s why I came here. Every day I learn a lot of new words and during the night when I can’t sleep I practise these words and instead of bad things coming to my mind, I make myself busy. After that I get tired and sleep well. Now I have lots of friends and a teacher that I can share my stories with and also learn English and make my future better. Now I feel better and I suggest people come to Pines Learning and make themselves busy too!”