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Adult Learners Week 2018 – Linda tells her story

Linda is an EAL student who writes about her learning journey, “ Having been a housewife for 10 years, I wanted to step out and learn new things. Firstly, learning can keep me updated. My daughter says – Mum, you are out! So in order to narrow the gap between my generation and the young generation, I have to learn and keep updated, e.g. – computer technology, the Internet, fashion, pop culture etc.
Now after studying, I can easily find an interesting topic and strike up a conversation with my daughter.
Secondly, learning can broaden my horizon and help me fit in well in this multicultural society. In Melbourne, there are many different immigrants coming from different cultures and backgrounds.It’s a good chance to learn from each other, embrace each other, respect each other and create a more harmonious community if we can learn from each other. Thirdly, but not the least important, learning can make a lady like me be more independent and more brilliant. So, keep on learning! It’s never too late to learn!”

Fantastic insights here Linda!