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Adult Learner Week – Learn Outside the Square

ALW is part of an international festival of learning celebrated in more than 55 countries around the world. In Australia approximately eight million people learn for work or pleasure each year at adult learning centres, including neighbourhood houses, community centres, training organisations, TAFE colleges and universtities. Are you one of those eight million?


The theme of ALW this year is’ Learn Outside the Square’, looking at the diverse ways we can all ‘learn outside the square’. Pines Learning has been asking students to consider how they learn outside of the classroom, for example in the workplace, through a hobby, an interest, the home or within the community ( eg- volunteering ).

These are some of their responses;

EAL student, Nick, showing his handmade fairy castle, a hobby he shares with his wife. Nick discussed the firing and painting process for his clay work.

Nick - Adult Learner's Week

Angela showed us her beautifully handmade quilts, a hobby she has along with cooking and soap-making…..

Quilts by Angela

Other students, when asked to consider how else they learn outside of the classroom , said;

I learn English talking to my neighbours, watching news on TV and movies, listening to English songs” , Shirley

I listen to the radio when driving “ , Manizeh

My wife and my six year old daughter are my teachers”, Vasilios

I take a Pilates class which is in English “, Ayako

I attend a local Catholic church which is multinational “, Catherine

I have an IPad with head-phones and read many books “, Julia

I learn from my seven year old son “, Vicky

Learning about budgeting and knowing where my money goes has helped me realise I have more control over my income, finances and super”, Fleur

“ I learnt about budgeting, how expensive things are and about how to save my money”, Melissa

I learnt how to use my IPad to download apps and games”, Laura

I have learnt a lot of new things “, Kristie

ALW gives us all the opportunity to reflect on our own learning and to celebrate the opportunities for learning we all have, in so many different ways.

What have you learnt this year and how did you learn it?